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Freja Noir · Philadelphia Escort

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An introvert, a daydreamer, and a gentle lover

Hello, I'm Freja (F-r-ai-yah)

I was born and raised in South America, and was lucky enough to have been raised in a beautiful, coastal country with a culture of "pura vida" (full of life).

I’m an all natural sweetheart with a gentle soul. I’ve been described as fun, personable and comfortable to be with. My goal is to give you the best experience we can have together, so I pay close attention to details and I ask lots of questions, mostly because I want to know what makes you smile the most ;) I’m great with newbies, shy people and introverts (as I’m a introvert myself).

As a worldly person and free spirit, I have very high standards for myself and the life I want to live, and we all know that likes attracts likes. Therefore I seek to meet a few select gentlemen I can feel a true, passionate connection with. I'm very loving, sensual and generous with the right person; if you're lucky, that could be you :) Don't be shy and introduce yourself! send me a love letter.

Follow me on twitter @freja_noir or instagram @frejanoir to get to know me.

TER: 332657

For rates and booking please check my website.

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